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Bless Unleashed Star Seeds News & Guides

Bless Unleashed are doing well so far, the reviews are not very good

  2021-09-10 14:17:59
Bless Unleashed is a free-to-play MMORPG developed by Round 8 Studio e Neowin, and it is nothing more than the reboot of the old and dear Bless Online. We can already say at the outset that, despite the breathtaking graphics (compared to many other titles of the genre), the title fails to impress in the same way as regards the combat system and, from a more general point of view, theexperience proposed by developers it's more frustrating than anything else.

However, while the players at Bless Unleashed are doing well so far, the reviews are not very good. At the moment, the project has only 36% of positive responses on Steam. Many criticize him for the technical part, the combat system and the “crookedness” of the port. However, there were also satisfied players who liked the combat system, dungeons and graphics. Which side are you on?

    “Neowiz and Round8 Studio are thrilled to announce that Bless Unleashed has already seen over one million downloads on PC. Since the game’s August 6th launch on Valve’s Steam platform, the MMORPG has seen over 75,000 concurrent players regularly – making it one of Steam’s most-played games.”

Is that how many people are playing it? Eh, probably not, else they’d say so, but we do know from Steam Charts that 71,661 were playing concurrently just a few minutes ago, not far off from the 76,000 peak – pretty dang good.

Key features of Bless Unleashed
According to the game’s Steam description, players will be able to choose to play Bless Unleashed with other gamers, or take on the world on their own, which is a rather peculiar statement for an MMORPG since the genre usually encourages teaming up.

Bless Unleashed takes place in the fictional world of Lumios, where gamers can choose between five different classes across four unique races, all of which have distinct traits and combos.

The first impact with the graphics of Bless Unleashed makes you scream miracle. It is all so well done, the art design of the places is allows the player to immerse yourself in the fantasy world created by developers… but the problem is in the small things. In fact, it has happened more than once to walk in a crowded place or full of objects, and not see some textures loaded. Sure, if you watched Bless Unleashed from a general point of view it is gorgeous, as are the music, dubbing (unfortunately only in English) and sound effects. The problem, as already mentioned, is present in the details.

Bless Unleashed is now free-to-play on Steam. with Founder’ Packs for sale starting at $17.99 for the Deluxe Pack, $35.99 for the Exalted Pack, and $71.99 for the Exalted Pack.

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