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Bless Unleashed Star Seeds News & Guides

Bless Unleashed will receive an update on September 15th

  2021-09-10 13:48:42
Bless Unleashed, the free-to-play action MMORPG developed by Round8 Studio and published by Neowiz Games last August, will receive an update on September 15th. To introduce and describe the upcoming enhancements, producer Koven Park wrote a three-part letter to the Steam community.

Blessings upon you, classes of the PC version of Bless Unleashed! May your blessings be unleashed upon the appropriate foes! May they add beneficial stacks to your DPS or healing! Lo, Round 8 Studio descends with many changes to those blessings, granting most classes with the glory of a good buffing, like increased effect durations, increased damage, or more stacks for things! There are also bug fixes, UI adjustments, and a mighty nerfing to the Ring of the Whispering Serpent God! And it was good! Probably!

And besides, the game can be played for free, without paying extra. But, it also has its paid versions, being them Deluxe and the like. Something normal in games of this type, but that doesn't stop you from playing and enjoying a new and vast world with a lot to explore.

As a relaunch of the original Bless Online back in 2019, Bless Unleashed was effectively reboot, revamping much of the combat and progression systems while also generally improving its predecessor's technical shortcomings. These issues plagued Bless Online and prevented it from finding an audience, but the game's relaunch last year has since fared much better than the original.Buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds

The content update will roll out this September 15 to the action MMO's live servers and will notably add the Twisted Spider Queen to the game's bump gallery. With a base level of 42, she is touted as one one of the most powerful bosses in the game to date, and will mostly pit against complex combat mechanics that players will have to decipher in order to hope to defeat her - and thus have a chance of looting a Wyvern mount.

The second part presents the intention to improve the user interface on the PC, adding that Round8 is working to increase security and ensure that hackers and illegal programs that are disturbing the game are sanctioned. The producer also specifies the desire to improve the classes and their balance, such as that of invasions, dungeons and PvP.

To rescue the game, it's something simple, practical and fast! Just go to the Steam website. After having accessed the site, just search for the name of the game. Soon after, you will see the bar "Free to play", just click on the side, and confirm the installation. And just to remember, the game doesn't take up much space on the HD/SSD compared to current games. Besides, you don't need to have a mega PC to play, being a minimum requirement to play, an Intel Core i5-4430 / AMD FX-6300, with 8GB of RAM, and a video card, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2GB / AMD Radeon R7 370 2GB.

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