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Blizzard will be making some significant quality-of-life changes to Shadowlands in patch 9.1.5

  2021-09-10 14:54:55
The controversy surrounding Blizzard has affected quite a few of its titles, including World of Warcraft. As a result, players have repeatedly criticized the company for certain features, alongside the inclusion of references to former developers. While the removal of some of these has already been announced, more are due in an upcoming patch.

As outlined in a statement by the WoW development team, Blizzard will be making some significant quality-of-life changes to Shadowlands in patch 9.1.5, many of which are direct responses to feedback many players have had since Shadowlands launched.

The 9.1.5 content update closely follows the 9.1 patch, which launched in June, four months after it was first announced. The 9.1 update was the first big content patch for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands since the expansion launched in November. The newest patch will allow players to switch Covenants without restriction (including the use of their cosmetic rewards), and will remove the Conduit Energy system, which was effectively a cooldown restriction on swapping special powers, and one that many players didn’t care for.

Blizzard Entertainment's blog post also reveals that World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic's first update will arrive on September 15. The old-school WoW throwback recreates the MMORPG as it was during the release of its first expansion pack in 2007. The title's first update will reportedly include a pair of iconic raids, a new season of Arena combat and more. Like World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, Burning Crusade Classic will also receive a number of community-requested quality-of-life changes when the update drops.

"We should have heeded community feedback and taken a different direction a year ago," the post reads. "A majority of players largely ignore the system and are unaffected by it, while the minority who want to engage in multiple content types competitively feel constrained by it. Overall, that adds up to a negative experience. Conduit Energy isn't really making the game better in any appreciable way, so we're removing the system entirely."

Interestingly, the update doesn’t mention some of the larger changes coming with the World of Warcraft patch. As a spokesperson noted to PC Gamer following news of the update, references to Jesse McCree will be removed. McCree is a former lead level designer on the game and had five NPCs and a city named after him. References to Jon LeCraft and Luis Barriga are also being removed.

Other fan-driven changes coming in 9.1.5 include new customizations for Draeni and Void Elves, plus new travel forms for druids and new Soulshapes for Night Fae. The preview post has an accounting of all the changes. Among them, a special event called Legion Timewalking will allow players back into Legion and Legion Mythic-plus dungeons. That event will run for two weeks beginning with the 9.1.5 content update’s full launch, and then on a regular weekly schedule later.

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