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Dauntless is a jolly little co-op hunting RPG buried under a mess of F2P jargon

  2021-10-09 16:37:54
The world of Dauntless, published by Epic Games, is thinly defined and its free-to-play nature can never be overcome, but hunting monsters with friends or strangers never gets old. It's not at all reductive to call Dauntless the love child of Monster Hunter and Destiny.

Dauntless' hunts are simple affairs that revolve around one long boss fight, with a heavy focus on gathering the right materials and resources for upgrades. Slashing the right part of a behemoth may grant you access to some new armour or a weapon upgrade using the resource it provides, so it's always worth trying to take down each part of your enemy to maximise your amount of gathered materials. Working as a team is the easiest way to go about this, and the game certainly promotes plugging a microphone in and working together. Having said that, we played plenty of Dauntless without communication and did well enough to survive, even if we struggled to dismantle behemoths in a methodical way. Whichever way you cut it, or indeed the behemoths, hunting in Dauntless is an enjoyable co-op experience.

The game's Behemoths are intelligent, deadly, and initially occupy a strange space between fantastical and woodland creatures. You find yourself taking up arms against killer beavers, oversized owls, and angry turtles. The beaver feels like a tongue-in-cheek nod to the developer's Canadian origins, and because the early reference points are mostly animals that we're familiar with (as opposed to more esoteric dinosaur-dragon hybrids), it means that there's a level of innate predictability in how some of these creatures fight.

Hunting games are nothing without rewarding weapons to equip yourself with and master. Dauntless has six and each of them is fitted for different gameplay styles with varying movement and attack speeds. I find myself gravitating towards faster weapons, so naturally, I was accustomed to the sword and spear. Dishing out moderate damage at high speeds while being able to roll out of dangerous situations quickly is my cup of tea. The repeaters are one of the more unique weapons in-game as they focus on nothing but ranged combat. Each weapon comes with its own set of combos and specials, meaning a more versatile team of Slayers will be able to get the most out of each ability in a hunt.

Speaking of visuals, the game's animated visual style certainly offers something different from the aforementioned Monster Hunter, but it's all quite generic. The visual style instantly reminds you of the likes of Fortnite, Realm Royale or Paladins, giving the game a distinctly "free-to-play" look. It all works well enough, but we'd of liked to have seen Dauntless try to create its own style a little more, as the visuals offer nothing different from other recent entries in the free-to-play market.

Dauntless is a jolly little co-op hunting RPG buried under a mess of F2P jargon. There's some good fun to be had here, and players who fall in love with the action will have no problem putting down some money to thank the developers, but most will dip their toes into Dauntless, enjoy themselves for a bit, and then sit back and wait for the next Monster Hunter World expansion.

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