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WOW TBC Classic Gold News & Guides

The WoW Shadowlands 9.15 patch which aims to expand on the current experience even further

  2021-09-10 15:29:26
World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Patch 9.15 is soon to be upon us! See below for all the latest information on the World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Patch 9.15 release date and the World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Patch 9.15 patch notes.

RELEASE DATE - When does the update drop?
At the moment, we don't know exactly when WoW Shadowlands' Patch 9.15 update is due to drop. We know that it's just hit World of Warcraft's Public Test Servers (PTR) - well, it hit the PTR on September 3rd - so this means we should see it in late September.

Blizzard are making an effort to try and incorporate community feedback into the latest patch, particularly following the lacklustre reception of Patch 9.1 and to combat the general discontent much of the player base feels towards the company.

Customisation is Coming
One of the big announcements in this midway patch is that Blizzard plan to include customisation options early, instead of in the 9.2 patch as planned. These customisation options will include 5 new hair styles/colour options for Void Elves, Lightforged Draenei custom options and Nightborne custom options. Plus, you will also be able to adjust the shape and size of Void Elve’s ears and will be able to access New Druid travel forms, new Soulshapes and new Crittershapes.

AoE Cap Removal
This is essentially going to U-Turn Blizzard's previous decision to limit the targets an AoE attack could hit and amend the changes that were made in the past. Now, five targets will be able to receive full damage from any AoE damage and then anyone else caught in the mixer will take a reduced hit.

Void Elf Customisation & more on the way
There has also been a cryptic message left from Blizzard in the early patch notes that ‘new toys’ will be added. We won’t know what that means until closer to the time of release, however, as far as new toys in WoW are concerned, we have rarely been let down by a new plaything so we are excited.

Allied Race Customisation
In addition to this, there's going to be more character creation options for players looking to jump into WoW Shadowlands as a Nightborne, Lightforged Draenei, or a Void Elf. We don't have too many details about what this will mean yet - but keep an eye out for more.

Usually WoW .15 patches are dominated by cosmetics and more fun ‘filler’ features and items, rather than significant gameplay changes, so we shouldn’t expect to see too much released in this patch – bigger changes will likely come in WoW Shadowlands patch 9.2.

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